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  • Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale
  • Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale
  • Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale
  • Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale
  • Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale

Product Name: Poplin Fabric UK, Poly Poplin Fabric Wholesale


 Poplin Fabric For Lining

(1) Composition: 100% Polyester, Polyester/Cotton

(2) Style: Plain

(3) Color: white, ivory, black, red, brown, green, emerald, gray and customized.

(4) High quality and reasonable price

(5) Our poplin fabric is used to make lining, pocket,  it can be dyed into many colors.

(6) Product Feature: Smooth surface, Breathable, Fastcolours, Shrink-Resistant.


100%PolyesterYarn CountDensityWidthOrganizationWeight(GSM)
45X45s96X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain90
45X45s88x6443”/44”  58”/60”Plain75
45X45s110X7643”/44”  58”/60”Plain105
T/C 90/1045X45s88X6443”/44”  58”/60”Plain75
45X45s96X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain95
45X45s110X7643”/44”  58”/60”Plain105
T/C 80/2045X45s96X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain95
45X45s110X7643”/44”  58”/60”Plain108
45X45s133X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain127
T/C 65/35 45X45s96X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain95
45X45s110X7643”/44”  58”/60”Plain108
45X45s133X7243”/44”  58”/60”Plain127

Package: In roll with paper tube, then packed into woven bags. Bale, customized

Delivery time: Around 15-20 days

Payment terms: T/T

Port of Loading: Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo

Shipping: By sea, by air. As your requirement.

 Our advantage:

1) We have our own factory with high quality manufacture process

2) Strict quality testing and control system, complete after the sale service.

3) Various best quality products and colors for you to choose

4) Competitive prices, best quality and timely delivery

5) Customer’s design is welcome and sample is available

 Our services:

Stable quality---Coming from good materials and technic

Lower price---Not cheapest, but lowest at the same quality;


The history of poplin fabric

Poplin is one of the traditional handicrafts in Shandong Province. It originally referred to the fabrics woven on feudal aristocrats or official residences in Licheng, Penglai and other counties of Shandong Province. The texture and appearance were similar to silk, so it was called poplin. Common raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc.

The difference between poplin cloth and plain cloth

Poplin is a fine plain weave fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, and cotton-polyester blended yarns. It is a dense, smooth and shiny plain cotton fabric. Although it is plain weave with plain cloth, the difference is quite big: Poplin has a good drape, and can be made more dense, with rich hand feeling and visual richness; while plain cloth is generally of medium thickness and cannot be made into a very delicate hand feeling, with a simple look.


According to different spinning projects, it is divided into combed poplin and combed poplin. According to the weaving colors, there are hidden check poplin, satin check poplin, jacquard poplin, color check poplin, flashing poplin and so on. According to the printing and dyeing process of natural poplin grey cloth, there are bleached poplin, variegated poplin and printed poplin.


All kinds of poplin fabrics have the characteristics of clean and smooth surface, fine texture, full grain, shiny and soft luster, and soft and waxy feel. But the poplin fabric has a big disadvantage, that is, the garments sewn with it are prone to longitudinal cracks. This is because the warp and weft density of poplin is very different, and the strength of the warp and weft is unbalanced, causing the warp strength to be nearly double the weft strength. the result of.

The use of poplin cloth

Poplin is a major variety in cotton. Mainly used for shirts, summer clothes and daily underwear.

Plain weave cotton fabric has the characteristics of compact structure, even surface, clear weave, smooth and soft, and silky feeling. The surface of the fabric has obvious, well-proportioned, diamond-shaped particles composed of raised parts of warp yarns.

Compared with muslin, poplin has a tighter warp direction, and the ratio of warp and weft density is about 2:1. Poplin uses uniform warp and weft yarns, woven into a tightly structured grey cloth, and then singed, refined, mercerized, bleached, printed, dyed, and finished. It is suitable for clothing such as shirts and outerwear, and can also be used as an embroidery base cloth. It is divided by warp and weft yarn materials, including ordinary poplin, fully combed poplin, and half-thread poplin (warp yarn); divided by weaving fancy, there are hidden check poplin, satin satin poplin, jacquard poplin, and yarn-dyed poplin , Color striped poplin, flash color poplin, etc.; it is divided into bleached poplin, variegated poplin, printed poplin, etc. by printing and dyeing; some varieties are also finished with rainproof, non-iron, shrink-proof and other finishing. The above poplin can be made of pure cotton yarn or polyester-cotton blended yarn.

The price of poplin cloth in the UK

There are many exporters of poplin cloth in the UK. We are a large professional poplin cloth manufacturer. Our poplin cloth UK has a good sales volume. If you happen to be in the UK and have a demand for poplin cloth, please contact us, we will Reply to your message as soon as possible.

poly poplin fabric wholesale

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