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How Many Kinds of Common Shirt Fabrics Are There?

Pulished on Jun. 23, 2020

Here the cotton muslin fabric manufacturer counts the different types of shirt fabric weave, not the composition of the shirt fabric. In simple terms, the fabric weave has plain weave, twill, satin, and many of the weaves can be derived from these three elements. 

Dense weave plain cloth

Plain weave, tight weave, usually light and soft fabric, white may slightly transmit light, suitable for formal shirts.


The fabric structure is mainly plain weave, which is a cotton fabric composed of single-color warp yarns and bleached weft yarns or bleached warp yarns and single-color weft yarns. Warp yarns can be used in various colors. They are named because they are suitable for young people's clothing. They are mostly used for casual wear.

Cotton Poplin Fabric


Many people know that we often wear jeans, denim (Denim) is a twill fabric, denim used for making shirts can be made thinner and softer. Denim warp yarns are dark in color, generally indigo blue, and weft yarns are light in color, generally light gray or plain white yarn after scouring. The front and back of the denim fabric will have a clear difference in color. What is the difference between denim and youth cloth? Denim is twilled, with dark colors as the main color; youth cloth is plain weave, with rich colors.


The dobby fabric is similar to the jacquard fabric, but there are technical differences. The dobby can be woven into a dense woven plain fabric with a thickness and weight, or a thicker fabric or a twill fabric. Although the dobby fabric is the same color yarn, it can be woven into stripes or dots.


End-on-End cloth is a very popular fabric. It is woven using a single yarn-dyed warp yarn and a single white weft yarn. It is generally lighter and thinner. The fabric itself has obvious contrasting colors. From a distance, it looks like a solid fabric. You will see more fabric details.


The term flannel (Flano, Flannel) is a foreign language. It is a soft and suede (cotton) wool fabric woven from carded (cotton) wool yarn. Flannel has high grammage, fine and dense plush, thick fabric, high cost and good thermal insulation. It is suitable for making spring and autumn men's and women's tops and trousers. The flannel surface is covered with a layer of plump and fine fluff, without texture, soft and smooth, and the body is slightly thinner than Melton's. After shrinking and raising, it feels full, and the suede is delicate.

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