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Do You Know What Poplin Is?

Pulished on Jan. 20, 2020

Poplin is a very beautiful fabric. The density of this fabric is very high, so it feels very texture and is very popular in the market. Today, the Printed Muslin Fabric Supplier takes everyone to understand this fabric in depth. 

Poplin originated from Licheng, Penglai and other counties in Shandong Province. It was a fabric only found in the nobles or government offices during the feudal period. The texture and appearance of poplin are similar to silk, hence the name of poplin. The common raw materials of poplin are cotton, polyester / cotton, etc., which are woven with plain weave. There are many categories of poplin. Depending on the yarn used, poplin can be divided into yarn poplin, half-line poplin, and line poplin. According to different spinning projects, poplin can be divided into carded poplin and combed poplin. According to other different classification methods, poplin will appear more types.

There is no strict requirement for the classification of poplin. It is only a customary industry practice. It is possible to treat poplin as 40 counts of conventional yarns, so the following is a regular product of 40 counts:

Ordinary poplin: 40X40 100X70 = 170 (but there are cloths such as: 30X40 100X60 called poplin, so it is only approximate); high density poplin: 40X40 130X70 = 200 or more; anti-feather poplin: 40X40 133X100 = 230 or more. Once the fabric reaches a certain density, it is difficult to increase the number of warp and weft yarns, so increasing it will increase the grade.

Poplin is widely used. Poplin is an important variety in cotton, that is, Cotton Poplin Fabric. Low density is mainly used for pockets and linings. High density can be used as a raw material for shirts, summer clothes and daily clothes. Poplin is very suitable for outerwear, because most poplin has been treated with rain, sun, shrink, and iron-free, etc. It is also a good choice to use poplin as a raincoat. In addition, because of its silky and high-grade characteristics, poplin can also be used to make more expensive fabric soft decoration at home.

Cotton Poplin Fabric For Shirt

Cotton Poplin Fabric For Shirt

Features of Poplin:

1. There are many types of poplin, and there is a large choice of space. Poplin can be divided into hidden poplin, satin poplin, jacquard poplin, colorful poplin, flash poplin, etc. according to the weaving color. Therefore, poplin fabrics are rich in appearance and bright in color. Clothing made from poplin fabrics is often noble and gorgeous. We can choose our own colors and patterns.

2. The quality of poplin fabric is very good. Poplin is a plain-weave cotton fabric. It has a close-knit structure, a uniform and clear pattern on the cloth surface, a smooth and comfortable feel, and a silky feel. As a result, poplin products are of high quality and value, and can be used for a long time.

The above is the poplin fabric related information introduced by the Cotton Poplin Fabric For Shirt supplier. Hope to help everyone.