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How to Keep Summer Clothes When Changing Seasons

Pulished on Sep. 10, 2020

Compared with winter clothes, summer clothes usually leave sweat and sebum stains. If it is not cleaned and taken out next summer, the clothes are likely to turn yellow. This yellowing is caused by the oxidation of sweat, so before storing summer clothes, you must first wash them thoroughly. Cotton printed fabric factory shares with you.

Mulberry Silk

The hot summer has passed, presumably, in order to spend the summer, everyone's wardrobe is full of thin silk. The autumn breeze is gradually rising, and the mulberry silk is also locked up, so how to preserve such delicate fabrics?

1. When storing, it is best to hang it and store it in a dark place, keep it dry and ventilated; the insect repellent must be wrapped in cloth, and do not directly touch the clothing;

2. For clothing made of georgette and double-wrinkle fabrics, it is not suitable to hang for a long time. It will become longer and longer due to self-weight damage; it should be lined with cloth and placed on the upper layer of the cabinet to avoid crushing;

3. When white and light-colored silk are placed at the same time, it is best to separate them with "safe" items;

4. Avoid directly contaminating silk clothing with desiccant, cosmetics, perfume, etc. when storing;

5. Silk clothes should not be placed together with tussah silk clothing, because most of the raw materials of tussah silk clothing are fumigated with sulfur, which will cause the silk clothing to change color.

6. When wearing, it is necessary to prevent violent friction of fabrics and cushions, which may cause turning and displacement;

7. Don't wear silk clothing when you sweat a lot.

Breathable Cotton Printed Fabric

Pure cotton

Of course, the most comfortable and breathable pure cotton is indispensable in the hot summer. Skirts are also indispensable.

1. After wearing a lot of sweat, wash it immediately to avoid fading or discoloration overnight;

2. Colored clothes have the characteristics of slight fading. Wash them separately from other clothes. Add a small amount of salt to the washing;

3. Ironing at medium temperature.

4. Pure cotton is easy to wrinkle, so it needs to be flattened to dry and stored flat.

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