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Make Chinese Printed Fabrics World-class

Pulished on Feb. 10, 2020

The development trajectory of China's Plain Cotton Printed Fabric has been along the middle and low-grade path. Some of the original products have lost their market competitiveness, but it is difficult for printing companies to give up these products that have made great contributions, such as with the global warming. And lose the consumer's thick printed fabric. In this way, even if the company has a world-class fully automatic digital inkjet printing machine, it still produces low-grade fabrics. As a result, the road of development is narrowing, more and more competitors are trapped, and it is difficult to extricate themselves in the mid-to-low-end fabric market.


Forging a generation of "textile" of Chinese textile printing fabrics is the task of the printing industry. Leading companies in China's printed fabric industry should jump out of the traditional product structure, advance to the world's first-class textile printed fabrics, and unite to hit the Chinese Army of Printed Fabrics market.

 Plain Cotton Printed Fabric

Plain Cotton Printed Fabric

First of all, the products must reflect the long history and profound cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. In today's China, the business tide is surging. Compared with it, the status quo of culture is far worse than that of shopping malls, but the most glorious and most charming things in Chinese culture are always there. Integrating Chinese culture into fabrics will It will make printed fabrics have a soul and show the unique charm of Chinese fabrics.


Second, strategic reorientation to produce first-class printed fabrics. Enterprises should change their thinking of "chicken heads and phoenix tails" and strengthen communication with international and domestic printed fabric brands.


Third, strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses, and further enhance core competitiveness. European and American first-line fabric brands do have a strong advantage, but when they compete in the Chinese market, they clearly expose their weaknesses, that is, they do not know much about the Chinese market and copy the operating methods in the European and American markets. For example, fabrics are more developed for men's clothing. However, in China's clothing sales market, women's clothing has always been a major item of sales, occupying the absolute advantage of the clothing market. The influence of women's clothing on the entire clothing market plays an important role. Chinese printed fabric manufacturers can fully compete in the women's market when the international first-line fabric brands are still in the market running-in period, devoting themselves to the women's clothing market, and designing and producing printed clothing brands that are popular with Chinese consumers. Seize the market.


Fourth, let printed fabrics go from behind the scenes to the front desk. Printed fabric is not the ultimate product. Its highlights can only be presented on the catwalk after the designer's tailoring and ready-to-wear. But at this moment, people remember the name of the model and the name of the fashion designer, but no one mentioned who the producer and designer of the printed fabric was. Therefore, getting printed fabrics from behind the scenes to the front should be a major task for China's Plain Cotton Printed Fabric Supplier. Looking at the operations of international printed fabric brands, on the one hand, they have tried to launch well-known clothing brands to allow consumers to remember this piece of high-end products, and on the other hand, have not lost the opportunity to present this piece of high-end clothing fabric products Show, to sell higher-profit, larger-volume printed fabrics to apparel manufacturers around the world, this is the goal of international fabric manufacturers. The design, production and marketing of Chinese printed fabrics can completely imitate the customary practices of the international market and set up the banner of the Chinese Legion in the world of printed fabrics.