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The Difference Between Poplin and Satin

Pulished on Mar. 16, 2020

Today Cotton Muslin Fabric Manufacturer will introduce the difference between poplin and satin.

First of all, you need to understand that poplin and satin are similar and different. Both poplin and satin have thin sections, that is, they cannot be distinguished from the thickness of the fabric. However, poplin is usually thin, and satin is not necessarily, it is also thicker.

Second, we can look at the organizational structure. Poplin is a plain weave, that is, the warp and weft yarns are interlaced on a regular basis; the satin is a satin weave, and the warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least once every three yarns.

Poplin and satin are different in use. Poplin is usually more suitable for shirt materials. For example, Poplin Shirt Fabric is common, and satin, especially stretch satin, is the first choice for high-grade pants and trench coats. Poplin is more suitable for summer, and satin is more suitable for spring and autumn.

Poplin Shirt Fabric

Poplin Shirt Fabric

In terms of feel, this judgment is a bit difficult, because the feel of the fabric will also change after the dyeing and finishing in the later stage, and the texture of the fabric will also be different with different raw material ingredients. Distinguishing fabrics manually requires more attention and practice. After a long time, it can be easily identified naturally.

What about poplin fabric for summer clothing?

There are many types of summer clothing. For example, chiffon, yarn, linen, silk, cotton, etc. are all commonly used fabrics for summer clothing.

In summer, maybe the average person chooses clothes that they do n’t want to be too close, because it is really difficult to stick to the skin after sweating, so we will see that many people choose chiffon and yarn in summer. Linen fabric clothes may look cooler in comparison.

However, there are also disadvantages to chiffon, silk, and yarn. It is very advantageous to wear such clothes outdoors, but the advantages may not be indoors. Because many units provide air conditioning in summer, the temperature is very adjusted. When low, wearing these clothes will really catch the cold easily. At this time, if you have cotton clothes, you don't need to worry. Cotton fabrics have the function of keeping warmth, and cotton fabrics have another advantage. It is a natural sun protection clothing, even the sun protection function sold on the market. Of clothing is not comparable to the sun protection index of cotton fabrics. Although cotton clothes are not easy to dry quickly after absorbing sweat, this is a drawback, but the comfort of finishing is still okay.

Summer clothing is important because thin, poplin fabrics meet this characteristic. Cotton Poplin Fabric is used to make shirts, casual pants, skirts, etc. are all good choices. Cotton-based fabrics may be slightly inferior in width. If clothing is required to be wide and stylish, other fabrics can be considered.

In addition to making close-fitting clothes, poplin fabrics can also be used as coats. In the spring and summer seasons, a thin coat is also a must-have. When the weather always changes, there can be a thin outer part. Making suits and casual jackets poplin fabrics is also a good choice.