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The Difference Between Various Types of Cotton Fabrics

Pulished on Mar. 09, 2020

The difference between combed cotton and pure cotton:

On the surface, neither cotton is different. The color is also white and looks soft and soft. Pure cotton and combed cotton are originally selected cotton, so is there a difference in workmanship? After inquiries from Printed Muslin Fabric Supplier, we know that the characteristics of combed cotton are different from those of pure cotton.

The difference between combed cotton and pure cotton. From a technical point of view, combed cotton will clean up excess impurities during the production process, making the knitted items look smooth and high-grade. Corresponding to pure cotton, combed cotton is not prone to fluff and pilling. Pure cotton clothes are good, but many people are not easy to pilble, but they are easy to shrink and deform.

From the above, combed cotton fabrics are more comfortable and breathable than pure cotton fabrics. However, for the difference between combed cotton and pure cotton, the texture of pure cotton should be more careful. Higher quality and 100% Cotton Printed Fabric is more popular. The texture, washability, deformation and wear resistance of combed cotton fabrics are much higher.

100% Cotton Printed Fabric

100% Cotton Printed Fabric

What is knitted cotton?

There are many classifications of knitted cotton. Generally, knitted apparel fabrics in the market are divided into two types according to the production methods. One is called warp deviation and the other is called weft deviation.

In terms of fabrics, it is cloth woven by machines. Compared to other fabrics, knitted cotton has better elasticity, feels softer, and the fabric is very breathable. There are also many patterns and varieties, easy to clean, and less likely to generate static electricity than sweaters.

The only bad thing about knitted cotton is that the fabric is easy to dye. Therefore, when cleaning, you must pay attention to cleaning separately from other clothing that is easy to discolor. In addition, although the elasticity of knitted cotton is very good, it is also easy to deform.

The difference between cotton and cotton:

Pure cotton fabrics are made of cotton. They have a high cotton content and are comfortable to wear. Cotton content above 70% is called pure cotton. The 100% cotton I saw when shopping made many friends have questions about cotton and cotton.

Cotton is a proper term in clothes and other fabric materials. Cotton clothes and cotton bedding are common. There are up to 20 types of plain cloth, Cotton Poplin Fabric, linen, twill, velvet, corduroy, flannel and so on. Therefore, cotton means that the fabric is made of 100% cotton.

Pure cotton fabrics are made of cotton as the textile raw material and are interwoven with warp and weft yarns. Cotton containing more than 75% of cotton is pure cotton. Divided into cotton card, Cotton Poplin, cotton fabric, cotton fabric. More than 20 kinds of fabrics can be subdivided according to the type.

In fact, according to the above explanations of cotton and pure cotton, attentive friends already know that pure cotton is pure cotton, and pure cotton is pure cotton. More than 75% of cotton can be called cotton, so cotton and cotton are the same from cotton. To say the difference is to call or say differently. Pure cotton simply means that the fabric is 100% cotton, while pure cotton means that the entire fabric of the entire garment is 100% cotton.

According to different processing procedures and processes, there are certain differences in the clothes made, for example, cotton clothes are easy to wrinkle, and some cotton clothes are not easy to wrinkle because of different fabrics. That's all it takes to find the difference!