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How to Wash and Maintain Summer Clothing Fabrics(Part 1)

Pulished on Aug. 27, 2020

Although summer has passed, the weather is still sultry. Summer clothes are mostly light and thin, and the main fabrics are cotton, linen, silk, and chiffon. However, there are often many misunderstandings in the washing and maintenance methods of these fabrics. Improper washing can cause irreversible damage to clothing. Bamboo muslin fabric factory shares with you.

Lace fabric

Because of its light, thin and transparent texture, lace fabric has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect and is widely used in women's underwear.

Cleaning method

1. Use mild soap or detergent specially used for cleaning delicate textiles;

2. The water temperature is below 40 degrees;

3. Medium-temperature steam ironing;

4. It should be dried in the shade, avoid the sun to avoid fading, and not to dry;

5. Do not wring out forcefully;

6. Wash separately from other clothes.


1. Avoid contact with sharp, rough objects and strong alkaline objects;

2. Before cleaning, spread the towel in the sink, and then use the towel to pick up the lace after washing. This can prevent the lace from being accidentally broken;

3. Wrap the wet lace in a towel to absorb the moisture, and then spread them on the tabletop to dry naturally;

4. Mothballs should not be placed, otherwise, the white clothes will turn yellow;

5. Avoid twisting.

Muslin Gauze Fabric

Chiffon fabric

"Chiffon" has a light, thin and transparent texture, a soft and elastic hand feel, light and elegant appearance, and good air permeability and drape.

Cleaning method

1. Soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage;

2. Wash gently, avoid scrubbing hard, twisting, and hard brushing;

3. Dip on-demand and water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees;

4. Drain naturally after washing, do not wring out forcefully.


1. The thickly decorated chiffon is best to be placed flat in the closet so that it is not easy to deform;

2. Hang the chiffon clothes with sleeves on hangers, choose fabric hangers, or wrap both ends of the hangers with small towels, so that the sleeves are not easily deformed;

3. Pay attention to long-distance when spraying perfume. So as not to leave a macula;

4. If it is stained with red wine or oil, there are two tips:

Method 1: First use a paper towel to soak up, then find the soy flour or flour, absorb the moisture on the surface, and then gently blow the powder away, the stain will be naturally absorbed.

Method 2: It is more effective to wipe off stains with soda water.


Polyester fiber is an important variety of artificial synthetic fibers. It has the advantages of strong durability, good elasticity, easy washing and quick-drying, and is widely used in various clothing fabrics.

Washing and maintenance

1. The fiber quilt can be washed directly in the washing machine, or hand-washed with cold water, but liquid detergent should be used when washing, and the washing time should not be too long;

2. No dry cleaning or chlorine bleaching;

3. It can be ironed at low temperature, machine dehydration or rotary drying;

4. Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid the heavy pressure, and keep it clean to prevent mildew.

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