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How to Wash and Maintain Summer Clothing Fabrics(Part 2)

Pulished on Sep. 04, 2020

Silk fabric

Silk is a natural fiber fabric. It is light and thin, soft and smooth, and has strong air permeability. It is comfortable and cool to wear, elegant and elegant. It is an ideal summer fabric.

Cleaning method

Hand washes: Silk clothing is best to be washed by hand, and special silk detergent or neutral soap should be used. First, stir the detergent in the water with your hands before putting into the clothes; the water temperature should not be too high (about 30 degrees), soak Do not exceed 15 minutes; scrub gently with your hands; rinse with clean water after washing to remove the soap and do not wring out; rinse the colored silk garments in clean water repeatedly. When drying, place the clothes on the reverse side outwards, place them in a cool place, and let them dry with dripping water. Then iron or shake them flat when they are 70% to 80% dry. Fill the cloth with ironing to keep the gloss and durability. If it is not ironed, you can put it in a plastic bag when the garment is 70% dry and flatten it by hand; you can also dry it, fold it and put it in a plastic bag inside, seal the mouth, put it in the freezer for 12 hours of strong freezing, which can achieve the effect of non-ironing.


1. When ironing, dry the clothes until 70% dry, then spray water evenly, wait for 3-5 minutes before ironing, the ironing temperature should be controlled between 130 degrees and 140 degrees;

2. It is not suitable to hang it for a long time, it will become longer and longer due to its own weight, which will deform the clothing;

3. When white and light-colored silk are placed at the same time, it is best to separate them with "safe" items;

4. Silk clothes should not be placed together with tussah silk clothing, because most of the raw materials of tussah silk clothing are fumigated with sulfur, which will cause the silk clothing to change color;

5. It is not advisable to wear silk clothing when sweating a lot.

Plain Cotton Printed Fabric

Pure cotton fabric

The pure cotton fabric is comfortable and soft to wear, moisture-absorbing, breathable, non-static, without any irritation in contact with the skin, and long-term wear is beneficial and harmless to the human body.

Cleaning method

A. Hand wash normally at 30 degrees water temperature, not machine washable or dry clean;

B. Do not wash with alkaline detergents, chlorine bleach, and soak for a long time;

C. It is recommended to wash the reverse side, dry in the shade or dry it in a dry stall;

D. Soak dark clothes in cold salt water for 2-3 hours before wearing them for the first time to reduce the chance of fading;

E. Printed clothing should be washed on the reverse side, not stretched hard, and ironing is avoided.


A. Try not to expose to the sun for a long time when wearing;

B. After wearing a lot of sweat, wash it immediately to avoid fading or discoloration overnight;

C. Colored clothes have the characteristics of slight fading. Wash them separately from other clothes, and add a small amount of salt in the washing;

D. Ironing at medium temperature.

The above information is provided by cotton printed fabric factory.