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Which Fabrics Can Be Used as Bed Sheets and Quilt Covers(Part 2)?

Pulished on Oct. 28, 2020

3. Satin duvet cover fabric

The characteristics of the satin quilt cover fabric: it is thick, smooth, and delicate. It has a soft feel and bright color. The satin quilt cover fabric also has good elasticity and tight texture and is not easy to deform. It is compatible with the twill quilt cover fabric. There are also positive and negative points; because the warp and weft yarns of satin are interlaced every three, the fabric density is very high, and it also has a reflective effect, which looks similar to satin, which can reflect the grade.

4. Brushed duvet cover fabric

The characteristics of the sanded quilt cover fabric: the sanded quilt fabric is also called the sanded printed fabric. The sanded fabric is high-end combed cotton. Its main characteristics are that it is fluffy and thick, has good thermal performance, and the surface of the sanded quilt is short. But dense, smooth suede, plump and soft hand, full of velvet, soft luster without aurora.

Bamboo Fiber Fabric

5. Bamboo fiber duvet cover fabric

Bamboo fiber fabrics are made of natural Moso bamboo as raw materials and processed through cooking and hydrolysis. Bamboo fiber quilt cover can be said to be the product with the highest technical content in the quilt cover fabric. It has a good skin-friendly effect, and the overall feeling is soft and smooth, comfortable, and breathable. As a natural plant fiber, bamboo fiber can not only make people feel cool and comfortable, but also help body health, and can promote metabolism and blood circulation.

6. Polyester cotton duvet cover fabric

Polyester-cotton fabric is a kind of blended fiber, which is made by blending some chemical fibers and some natural cotton fibers. This kind of fabric retains the durability of chemical fibers and the comfort of natural fibers and is low-cost, not easy to fade, and colorful. It is a cost-effective quilt cover fabric. However, polyester/cotton fabrics are more prone to pilling and static electricity due to their materials.

In general, the most comfortable is the most commonly used and popular cotton fabric. Its texture is more comfortable than other materials, and the price is relatively cheap. But this does not prevent some other fabrics from being loved by some friends. Moreover, the texture of the sheets will also affect the texture. You can choose according to your personal preference.

The above information is provided by the bamboo muslin fabric factory.