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Which Fabrics Can Be Used as Bed Sheets and Quilt Covers(Part 1)?

Pulished on Oct. 10, 2020

We, humans, spend one-third of our day in bed, and with some rest time, we spend more than half of our lives in bed. This shows how important a bed is for us, so a comfortable bed is very important. We lie on them and come into contact with the sheets, and if the sheets are uncomfortable and affect our sleep quality, then what kind of sheets are good?

Sheet and quilt cover is important bedclothes, the use of sheet quilt coverlets our quilt no longer be disturbed by smudgy, need to clean quilt cover only ok, also need not take apart again wash the quilt. And quilt cover should be in direct contact with our skin, so choose a more comfortable and healthy fabric. Our company provides muslin gauze fabric.

Muslin Gauze Fabric

1. Yarn count quilt cover fabric

Features of plain weave quilt cover fabric: the fabric of this quilt cover is firm and has the same appearance effect on both sides, and also has good air permeability.

Features of twill quilt cover fabric: The fabric of twill yarns can be divided into 40 twill yarns, 60 twill yarns, and 80 twill yarns according to the different technology. Different from the fabric of plain yarns, the fabric of twill yarns can be divided into two sides, and the floating line is longer, which makes the hand feel soft.

2. Pure cotton bedding fabric

The cotton fiber of pure cotton fabric has better hygroscopicity, which is due to the superior performance of the cotton fiber can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so the quilt cover of pure cotton fabric contact with the skin, make people feel soft but not rigid. In addition, the main component of cotton fiber is natural cellulose, good air permeability, and skin contact without any stimulation, long-term use is beneficial to human health and harmless, good health performance. Accordingly, pure cotton quilt cover can yet be regarded as a sensible household choice.

The above information is provided by the muslin fabric factory.